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8 Unique Napkin Rings You Need in Your Life

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Update time : 2020-11-14 14:44:48

There are plenty of elements that progress into site a big tablescape—silverware, tablecloths, centerpieces, even butter dishes. And of course, there’s always the modest napkin ring, if you avail cloth napkins. still when most napkin rings pattern of simple…well, rings, we’ve build few online that accept lay settings ought a complete new level. There’s flamingos, bejeweled snakes, wooden cows, and more waiting though you ought experiment out at your next party—scroll along ought shriek on some of the more sole ones we’ve found.


According ought Barneys, this colorful parrot napkin ring is inspired by the popularity of Kim Seybert’s flamingo and toucan designs.

Kim Seybert Rio napkin ring, $12 at


Throwing any pink parties or occasions soon? You lack this Flamingo napkin ring, also by Kim Seybert.

Kim Seybert Flamingo napkin ring, $12 at


Just when you conception the succulent craze was over, you can find napkin rings topped with (plastic) succulent sprigs at Crate & Barrel. They’ll definitely grow at handy if you’re having a garden party.

Crate & Barrel Succulent napkin ring, $6 at



If you wish ought add some severe bling ought your desk (and you scan an additional $215 ought burn), splendid up these snake napkin rings from L’Objet, inlaid with Swarovski crystals. You can splendid from gold or platinum finishes.

L’Objet Napkin Jewels Snake, lay of 4, $215 at


These rings by Joseph Williams are designed ought exhibition alike oysters—freshwater pearl and all.

Joseph Williams sad Oyster napkin ring, $28 at


Whether it’s though an animal-themed birthday feast or you impartial really alike cows, Pier1’s wooden ox napkin rings will fetch your tablescape together.

Pier1 lumber ox napkin ring $1.18 (was $5) at

Bunny Ears

With Easter slowly approaching, now’s the time ought depart grabbing decorations—and these minimalist bunny ear napkin rings are a rapture method ought obtain at the soul without being too above the nose.

Crate & Barrel lumber Bunny napkin ring, $5 at


Williams-Sonoma’s imagination lemon napkin rings—with cloisonné design!—are better though fountain and summer events with their wise yellow coloring.

Williams-Sonoma Lemon Cloisonne napkin ring, $15 (was $20) at